P.A.L. Removals & Storage
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Storage of household goods in this country has a bad reputation due to the old fashioned “furniture depository” facilities offered to consumers years ago.

P.A.L operate a containerized storage system, this is simply large wooden boxes, 5ft x 7ft x 7ft or 5ft x 7ft x 6ft.


The containers are transported to you on one of our custom built vehicles. Most goods fit inside these containers except: extending ladders, windsurfers and articles over 7ft long. For goods of these proportions we have additional areas of storage space.

An inventory of your goods is made during loading, and every container is sealed prior to leaving your residence. A copy of this inventory is left with you, which also records container numbers and seal numbers.

All furniture is wrapped in our removal blankets or bubble film for protection, which we supply for the duration of your storage period.

Upon delivery, you can verify the seal’s have remained intact and the contents are correct to the original inventory.


To avoid removal charges, you are welcome to bring the goods to our storage facility yourself.
We will then bring the container to your vehicle for you to load, or alternatively supply the porters. All containers are sealed in the same manner as above.


We accept all major credit / debit or switch cards. Direct Debit facilities are available. Or payments by cheque.


You are welcome to inspect our warehousing facilities at any time. This is the only way for you to gain peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands.