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P.A.L Carriers is increasingly aware, not only of global concerns, but those of our local environment. As members of the local community we also share its concerns and will make every effort to ensure that we minimise any adverse effects that our undertakings and operations may have on the environment.

The company will achieve the commitment of safeguarding the environment by undertaking and implementing the following: -

The Company Will:

Be pro-active in seeking innovative solutions to recycling.
Identify all environmental impacts of the company.
Comply with existing legislation as a minimum.
Implement procedures to minimise pollution to Land, Air and Water.
Continuously endeavour to reduce the environmental impact of the company’s operations.
Reduce waste and consumption of energy and natural resources wherever and whenever possible.
Provide appropriate training and resources to ensure Company personnel gain the required skills to implement the policy.
Work to develop efficient transport systems that have minimal environmental impact.
Separation and recycling of all possible materials.
Communicate the policy to all employees.